Hydroformed stainless steel body (formed at 15,000 psi or 1,000 b) with integral formed
guides to properly center the pig while allowing full flow around the pig. Since guides are formed as part of the body, there are no welded guides which are difficult to clean.
Body can be rotated out of line for easy maintenance and/or pig replacement
Standard materials of construction: 304L or 316L
Units can be polished to meet customer requirements
Easy to CIP or sterilize

Outbound sequences – Leaving launcher toward receiver
1. At end of production run, V1 is closed
2. VR1 pig stop is retracted.
3. VR2 piston positions pusher in line, and is then retracted.
4. V3 is opened, pushing media enters launcher
5. Pig is pushed through the process line
6. Pig is detected in receiving station
7. V4 block valve is closed
8. V3 push valve is closed
Production run is ended and all product is recovered