Interchangeable seals, Pass through curves and radiused bends, Easily detectable (peripheral magnets)

Features and Benefits
Body hardness and contour – Excellent tracking – Reduces risk of binding/stopping in curves
Pass internal obstacles up to 4% of tube ID – Allows for orbital welding
Pass bends as tight as 1.5 D – Allows for compact designs
Pass Manifolds and Flexible hoses (supplied by AB6) – Can be used for “hook-ups” and “jumpers”
Magnets are “locked” into body forming a “magnetic cage” – No risk of loss and ensuing damage
Magnets on perimeter – Easy pusher detection
O-ring seals between ends and body—No product retention in pig
Symmetrical pusher – Same high quality cleaning in both directions
Low friction – Requires low push pressure
Quick action – Speeds of 3-6 ft/sec (or higher)
Replaceable seals – Low maintenance costs
Excellent cleaning is obtained because of seal design and
flexibility (Seal OD is much larger than tube ID)

Multi-component Pig 3 part hard body Double lip/disc soft seals

Specifications Range 1”- 6 “, 25mm – 300mm International dimensions (OD, US, DIN, SMS, ISO, etc.) Body materials (Polypropylene, PTFE, PEEK, etc.) Seal materials (Silicone, Buna, EPDM, Viton, Nitrile, etc.)